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Press Release Kim San Kuan, for immediately release 31 Dec 2016.

Date: 31 December 2016.

Kim San Kuan and his family are on an annual 2-week vacation in Kyoto, an ancient city in Japan. He is soaking in the elements of Japanese culture and customs. He is enjoying himself with the sights, sounds, smell, taste and the touches of traditional Japanese lifestyle. He and his family are here with me, a BBC correspondent, in the lounge, enjoying Japanese tea.


Kim San says that wherever he goes for vacation with his family he prefers to visit ancient cities. He says ancient cities bring out the charms, the beauty and the quiet nature of the past. He says he is able to relax totally when visiting these places with his beloved family. I spend one whole afternoon with Kim San and I noticed that he takes time to teach his two young sons to appreciate every detail in life – he talks to them about grace, courage, discipline, wisdom and love. I wished I had this kind of father who leads by example.


Kim San is taking a pause, during his annual  vacation trip with his family traveling around China, Korea and Japan, to talk to BBC World News about what does it takes to be successful in life, in business and in a soul searching journey. Today, Kim San is enjoying great success in life and he says he is now doing a lot more to make this world a better place for all. However, life was not always like that for Kim San.


Kim San was born into a very poor family in the mid 1960’s in Malaysia. Coming from a dirt poor family and growing up in a poor community had impacted Kim San’s mentality and thinking habits that had molded his life blueprint and by the age of 45 he was still not successful in life. In October 2013, Kim San earned a Scholarship called Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) program and it was through this MKMMA Program that he had finally cracked the code of success in life. Through MKMMA, Kim San achieved massive change and breakthrough in his life. Through MKMMA he has found his true passion and rediscovered what is already great in him. With what he has achieved through this program, Kim San then embarks on a journey to impact people’s life and this has given him time and financial freedom at the same time.

Following MKMMA program, Kim San then created Massive Value Giveaway program (it is affiliated to MKMMA) which is his most successful project that has impacted the world in a great way, in such a short time. It is an impactful coaching program that transforms and teaches people about achieving time and financial freedom, achieving more out of life and achieving more happiness in life. It is the true essence of the book “Think and Grow Rich”. It enables the world community to unite through social media and internet and come together to work unanimously on a mission and live a vision of peaceful harmony where everyone is able to resonate at the same frequency and live under one roof as brother and sister and as a citizens of the world. MKMMA

Kim San says that MKMMA is a truly life changing self-development program that anybody who is serious about achieving more in life will need. The founder of MKMMA, Mark and Davene Januszewski, have created a true master piece that actually work on the real stuff, that is why the program is so successful and impactful. It is through promoting MKMMA program to a responsive list that Kim San earns a good income that is able to fund his Massive Value Giveaway program. This program provides homes and feeds the homeless children from Madurai in southern India.

Non-profits and entrepreneurs interested in being part of Massive Value Giveaway Project for non-profit self reliance should contact


10 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. You are a wonderful father. I enjoy walking around ancient cities too. It is so exciting to think about not only how this class is changing all of our own individual lives, but also how many others it will indirectly touch!!

  2. What a wonderful vision. I can feel myself in the ancient cities and I’m inspired by your success in giving back to the world. Awesome stuff!

  3. Great write-up, Kim! And it feels like we’re there with you in Kyoto… a place you inspire desires to visit. Best of all is the vision to give away the power to create and become.

  4. Kim San, I felt like I was walking through those ancient cities with you. Your wife must be so proud of you as a husband and a father. Very inspiring journey.

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