MKMMA Week 21: Master Mind – Thinking Big Thoughts?

In Master Key Master Mind Alliance, MKMMA Week 21, one of the accomplishments of the Master Mind is to think big thoughts. We know that everything which we hold in our consciousness for any length of time becomes impressed upon our subconsciousness and so becomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into our life and environment. This law, like spiritual law, is definite, exact, scientific and operates with immutable precision. To become free, to be free from conditions and limitations, we develop our consciousness. We become more and more conscious of our power, by becoming more conscious of our unity with the Universal Mind. Whatever we become conscious of, is invariably manifested in our objective world, is brought forth into the intangible expressions.

The Master Key System reminds me that the Universal Infinite Mind is nothing less than marvelous. When we become conscious of our unity with this mind which is extraordinary in quality, limitless in quantity and contains possibilities without number, we can focus on large ideas, for thinking this way we can remove innumerable petty and annoying obstacles from our path. To become conscious of this power is to become a “live wire.” This is the world within. We know now that our lives are simply the reflection of our predominant thoughts, our mental attitude. We know that “like attracts like.”

In MKMMA Master Mind program, we know specifically what thoughts we chose and  we repeat these daily, we know what mental attitude we carry, we know our personality we set forth, thus we are changing the persons, things and conditions or the experience with which we meet in life. We do all these with persistent effort. We are constantly destroying the negatives that we do not like and creating new powerful pictures, we are perfecting the art of visualization. As a group our pictures have more determination, ability, talent, courage, power and also spiritual power. We think of the ideal as an already accomplished fact.

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.  🙂

I always keep my promises. 

Kim San




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