MKMMA Week 16: Feeling Is The Very Fountainhead of Power?

Master Key Master Mind Alliance, MKMMA Week 16 reminds me to persistently and continuously examine my every thought and to ensure I maintain a quality mind each and everyday. I have to carefully examine if my every thought is of deep impression, has predominant idea, of clear vision, of vitality and of bold image and am I striving for higher and higher standards. I ensure I AM consciously creating thoughts of vigor, strength, courage and determination and the thoughts are impregnated with vitality feeling. I know my thoughts are constructive and harmonious because I carefully select and filter them.

The Master Key System reminds me to maintain this mental attitude by realizing my own spiritual power and my unity with the Universal Mind. I have to carefully nurture my spiritual power because it equals to my power to create. I learn to use the 3 steps in this process of creation: Idealization, visualization and materialization. I learn to create a very clear vision for myself. I have learnt to greatly reduce the power of past environment, chance and past thinking and other forms of negative thought but doing the exercises in the MKMMA course. I learned to control my thoughts, thus I AM controlling my circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.

In other words, doing the MKMMA course I have shifted from a victim mentality to a creator mentality. I am taking back my spiritual power. I am re-creating my new Inner World and I know I have a Definite Major Purpose, I have Master Mind Master Key Alliance partners, I have a specific plan to re-invent myself, I am doing the mental hard labor, one step at a time but consistently, persistently, continuously and I AM moving towards my Ideal. Yes, life will try to knock me down; yes, I have a busy life; but I AM the World Greatest Miracle and each and everyday I begin a new life and I fill my heart with Love, I persist until I succeed. I have positive mentality and I move one step at a time, always improving.

I always keep my promises. I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.  🙂 

Kim San



21 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 16: Feeling Is The Very Fountainhead of Power?

  1. I love reading your posts and remind myself of my purpose, to recreate myself as whole , perfect, harmonious and loving. You have given me the  gift to rejoin you. Love, Mary Mkmma

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